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Delicious Delicacies in Xiamen

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Delicious Delicacies in Xiamen Photos by Xiaojin Ren

Delicious Delicacies in Xiamen

Located on the Southeast coast of China, Xiamen has not only been selected as China's second "most suitable city for living" as well as China's "most romantic leisure city", but it is also the host to some fantastic food. Xiaojin Ren took to the streets to capture some of the tastiest and eye-catching treats.

释迦(Annona squamosa): Savory sugar apples!


One of Xiamen's most famous dishes: worm jelly dipped in soy source, garnished with coriander




Stuffed scallops


Dried fish


Sweet pralines


Mussels, shrimp and dumplings


Mantis shrimp





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